Elm Hill School Will Be Closed On Monday 11/29

Good evening Elm Hill families and staff,

This is Dr. McLaughlin, your Superintendent of Schools. I am calling this evening with a very important announcement.

Over the last two weeks, we have been notified of 34 positive COVID cases at Elm Hill. We were notified of several of those cases over the last few days. Due to this high case count, Elm Hill is now categorized as an “outbreak”. Earlier this year, the vast majority of the cases we saw at Elm appeared to be due to spread occurring outside of the school. Based on the last two weeks of cases, both our school team and the Department of Health are less confident in saying that there is no transmission happening at Elm Hill School.

In light of this, Elm Hill School will not be in session tomorrow. The day will effectively function as a snow day. Our team will utilize the day to work with the Department of Health and the Agency of Education to explore options that will both help create a healthy school environment and get students back to school as soon as possible.

Please note this step is only for Elm Hill School. Our plan is to give you additional information by the close of business tomorrow about the steps we will take for Tuesday and the rest of the week. 

Please also note that Elm Hill students should not be dropped at All-4-One tomorrow.

I want to thank you for your understanding. This is not a decision that I make lightly nor am I  comfortable sending to you with so little time to adjust. Unfortunately, our team simply doesn’t feel that it would be ethical to bring students back into Elm tomorrow.

Thanks for your attention and good night.